About our Programs

About our Programs

Program goals

Our after-school and summer programs provide youth with opportunities to Play, Learn, and Grow. Our kids stay on track to achieve long-term academic success and develop the life skills to become competent, confident, and caring adults.

DREAM youth will learn to…


Each child will understand the value of physical wellness and be engaged in and enjoy regular physical activity.


Our goal is that every child will demonstrate academic mindsets and behaviors including over 90% school attendance, grade promotion, enrollment in and graduation from best fit schools.


Each child will practice positive social-emotional competencies around goal setting, persistence, problem-solving, communication, healthy relationships, and self-advocacy.

Since 2005, 97% of DREAM seniors have graduated high school and 94% of seniors have been accepted into college.

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“Playing with DREAM has helped me find myself. I’ve grown in a sport I love to play and in my education. I didn’t think DREAM would change my life, but it has.”

— Ronette, 8th grade.

Growing up with DREAM

Jason first stepped on our Field of Dreams as a REAL Kid at age nine, and you can say he never left. He fell in love with baseball. He quickly grew into a player who never gave up on his team, no matter how bad the odds. His coaches and teachers at DREAM showed him that he could use that same persistence in the classroom. Through all the academic and social challenges of middle school and high school, he did exactly what he did on the field: he never gave up. With the help of his teachers and coaches, he persevered through the SAT and the college application process. He graduated high school and went on to become a proud graduate of Baruch College.

Today Jason is coaching baseball and softball here at DREAM. When he’s not on the field, he’s studying sports-based youth development as a Master’s student at Adelphi University in order to build a career around helping young people.

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