2017 Annual Report

What. A. Year.

A new name, a new school, a new city, a new field, and new friends.

All the while, more than 2,200 youth opened their books, put on their jerseys, and gave their best in the classrooms and on the fields.

We’re proud to share that 100% of our seniors graduated and matriculated into college. At our newest site in Newark, our K-1 students spent over 2,000 hours building literacy skills this summer which resulted in 100% of participants avoiding summer learning loss. We cut the ribbon on our second Field of Dreams–this time, in the South Bronx. Our DREAM Charter School elementary scholars outperformed the district, city, and state in both ELA and Math State tests. And we opened DREAM Charter High School last fall to 100 ninth graders.

We have much more to share, and we’re excited for you to meet some of the incredible members of the DREAM family who represent our work in action.

Year after year, we continue to grow–not for growth’s sake–but to embrace and pursue our mission, and provide more opportunities for young people to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.

This is why we DREAM.

Thank you. The amazing work that goes on in our classrooms and programs in East Harlem, the South Bronx, and Newark, is fueled by your support and belief in our mission.

We’re grateful for another amazing year powered by you. Thank you and onward!

Richard Berlin
Executive Director, DREAM

Vik Sawhney
Chair, DREAM


What’s Ahead

Over the past 27 years, DREAM expanded and evolved to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We dug our roots a little deeper each year to tackle the most difficult barriers our children face: educational inequality, lack of health and wellness education, teenage pregnancy, and low high school graduation and college matriculation rates.

But we’re far from done. With the lessons we’ve learned thus far, we will continue to look for smarter ways to further integrate our services in a seamless, intentional, and impactful way.

Our dream is to provide each and every single young person who walks through our doors with equal opportunity to reach their potential.

We want to engage the whole child by investing more deeply in their physical and mental health, social-emotional well-being, academic achievement, and their ability to self-advocate–all to ensure they graduate from college prepared to lead happy, productive lives.

We’re excited for what’s ahead and look forward to providing even more youth the chance to realize their dreams with us.