A Statement from DREAM on Recent Events

A Statement from DREAM on Recent Events

Today, and always, DREAM stands with the black community.

DREAM’s founding purpose was to provide the black and brown youth of East Harlem with a safe space in which to play, learn, and grow. Our mission to level the playing field is realized only when our students grow into adults with the opportunity to exercise their agency and power in pursuit of their dreams. 

But what becomes of our children if we ask them to live in a world that refuses to see or accept their potential?  

DREAM cannot remain silent against unconscionable acts of racial violence. Racism traumatizes and endangers our community, breeding disparities in education, healthcare, housing, and employment that have become amplified during this pandemic. We stand in solidarity with those determined to end systemic racism, and recommit to examining, with humility and diligence, how our own practices can become ever more inclusive. 

Racial equity begins by acknowledging our shared humanity. To our community: We stand with you and grieve with you. And always, we dream with you.


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